PSG Descriptions

PSG's Explanation of Services (What to expect)

Logo - PSG will design a client-satisfied graphic that will include text and/or images that symbolizes your business. Logos are used as a stamp to represent your business. You will receive your logo as a high resolution jpeg or CAD file at the size requested. (Other formats are available)

Flyer -PSG designs a letter sized media with graphics and /or lettering that advertises the areas you would like to highlight about your business. Flyers aren't widely used but, in the case that you need them, we're here!

Animation -PSG will design still images and text that tells a story about your business and give it motion.

Brochure - PSG will put together a tri-fold design that will include information, pictures and/or images requested by the client. (Other folds are available)

Website Design - PSG will create a webpage(s) that gives pertinent information about your business to be displayed on the internet. The webpage will be coded to include keywords that'll make you searchable through search engines and help attract visitors. Client will purchase domain which is approximately $9.99 yearly. PSG will provide free hosting as long as you are with us. Maintaining updates on your website will be an additional charge.

Video to DVD
- PSG will take your video file(s) and create a DVD with a custom menu.

Business Cards - PSG collects a client's logo and any information they would like displayed on a 3.5" X 2" card stock. Larger card stock and double sided card design is available upon request.

Business Envelope -PSG will design a standard size envelope that will include your logo and business information.

Ad (Still or Animation) - PSG will use a collection of graphics and text from client and create an electronic or animated ad of desired size. Ads may be used to advertise on the internet through a first, second or third party.

Graphic/Image to CAD drawing - PSG will convert any graphic or image to a CAD drawing. Client should email us a PDF and we will send back your graphic as clean, crispy CAD linework.

PDF to CAD drawing- PSG realizes how many times clients receive annoying PDF's that needs to be converted to CAD linework. PSG will convert your PDF's to a CAD file that you can print with a clear and crispy resolution. From there, you can edit your file as needed!

Audio/Video Conversion - PSG have the capability to convert audio or video to any format needed.

Digital Photo Album - PSG will convert photos electronically and create a slideshow that will be put in DVD form with a customized menu. (Music added will be an extra charge).

Professional Stamps
- PSG receives a digital image of the client's stamp and will digitize it line for line as a CAD file or any format requested. The criteria of the stamp is required to assure it is compliant and true to size according to the state's standards.

Letterhead - PSG will design a word document with a header and footer that includes your logo and business contact information. The file will be set up so that all you have to do is open it and the cursor is set to start typing in the body of the file. (The letterhead can be create in Rich Document format as well for those who do not have Word)

Banner - PSG will colaborate with client and sketch a layout of graphic placement and text. Banners are set to print at a large scale with clear graphics and the best quality.

Mailer - PSG will design a professional mailer with the graphics and text the client desires. The purpose of mailers is to advertise your business by paying for the post office to drop them in the area you desire. This is a very effective way to get your business noticed.

2D CAD Work - PSG will receive redlined PDF's from client and produce 2D CAD work for all disciplines. 2D work includes anything that does not need to be graphically modeled.

3D Civil CAD Work - PSG have the skill set to model 3D civil work. Client will send redlined PDF's and will receive corrected CAD drawings in return. The client will receive accurate, efficient drawings in a timely fashion. We do a wide range of modeling that includes but, is not limited to: Storm sewers, sanitary and water plans, grading and erosion control plans, cross sections, plan and profiles, vertical and horizontal alignments and full construction sets. Software used: Civil 3D 2018

Custom Bottled Water
- PSG will design labels to suit the client's taste and be affixed on water bottles. The idea is satisfy your client's thirst and advertise at the same time.

Brochures- PSG will layout a series of images and text that is relevant to your business. A color scheme can be selected by the client. The aim would be to use the colors of your logo. The brochures will be a tri-fold design unless otherwise noted.

Ecommerce Website (Online Store)
-PSG offers a full online store! We will create a website where you can sell items. If you would like to run the store yourself after we have set it up, you will have that option. You must then pay for your own hosting. If we create your store and have access to it to make changes, the hosting will be free. Updates to the store will be an additional charge.

Basic Business Package - Letterhead, Business Card and Business Envelope

Pro Business Package
- Website, Letterhead, Business Card and Business Envelope

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